Curls + The Journey

Throughout each of our natural hair journeys we have all experienced the highs and the lows. Some of us transitioned from relaxed to natural cutting off our straight strands little by little and some of us did the 'big chop.' Whatever the journey to rediscovering our natural curls, one thing we all have in common is our own unique paths, the stories that come along with it and the renewed self-discovery. Through our various experiences and interactions along our journey comes the emotional and social aspect and finding within us what those experiences really mean. We may ask ourselves - Did I make the right decision? Should I just go back to relaxed? What will by friends and family think of my natural hair? I just can't figure out what to do with it? What do I do next? Will I be able to fully embrace this new path? Join us for a panel discussion and Q+A moderated by CurlTalks founder, Brittany Dixon as we dig a little deeper and explore Curls + The Journey.