CurlTalks is about the 3Cs – CURLS, CONNECTING and COMMUNITY. It gives the opportunity to open up the conversation and dive deeper into what it means to be a curly girl. It offers the chance to hear - first hand - from those who have been positively impacted by discovering or rediscovering their curls. Our speakers and panelists will share their personal stories, curl journeys and talk about how they have embraced their curl and how it has influenced, affected and impacted them along the way. Some of our talks will focus on various 'curl themes' and 'hot topics' while others will focus on learning more about our amazing speakers themselves.

CurlTalks is an in-person speaker/conversation series that is ½ talk and ½ curly Q+A currently taking place in the Los Angeles area every other month. Our speaker series is open to any and everyone who shares an interest in the curl.

There is power in personal stories so come get inspired and let's connect through the curl!



Why CurlTalks? Like many of us, growing up Brittany had no clue what her natural hair really looked like. Having had her hair chemically straightened (photos in black + white) at a very young age, she was completely clueless as to the natural curl she actually had, until she made the decision to finally stop. It wasn’t until adulthood that Brittany discovered her natural curls which ultimately led to her increased interest in curly hair, the natural hair community and the vision for CurlTalks.

I felt like something deeper was discovered when I embraced my natural curl. I wanted to create a positive platform in the curl community where that could be discussed.

With larger natural hair communities across the US, Brittany felt compelled to contribute to the community in Los Angeles and bring something to the city that she loves. Something significant happened when she rediscovered her curls and through that she realized there were so many women with similar stories, experiences as well as themes surrounding textured hair that needed to be discussed and explored.

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